Chapter Ten: §4.5

[Continued] Dawn came, following a restless sleep in the hall. Vilsonius pressed a hand to Sevína’s knee; dry eyes furrowed. __‘Go and rest, Sevína. There is nothing to be done this morn.’ Sevína swayed and gazed confusedly at her surrounds. __‘Here,’ he uttered, and taking her hands raised her to standing. ‘Arnaud passed in the … More Chapter Ten: §4.5

Chapter Ten: §4

January – 1027 YD Delus, Offenure It was four in the morning. Sevína roused the chamber fire to allay the chill of death. __‘I fear this drought will not die easily.’ High Priest Arnaud cupped Sevína’s hand as she offered it. ‘Do not mourn me, my dear. I rejoice at crossing the Bridge, and long … More Chapter Ten: §4

Chapter Ten: §3

January – 1027 YD Lirna, Lenyol January began to wane, and the heat of summer continued unrelenting. While no fires had caught since those in Archoak forest three months previous, the threat crouched in the air, prowling each time the wind flew from the north. Régan sat on the southern balcony pulling apart a slice … More Chapter Ten: §3

Chapter Ten: §2

Alendae, Lenyol January – 1027 YD Kesia’s rooms in Alendae were illuminated by the bright midday sun, and quickly filled with guests and their belongings once the doors had been unlocked. __‘Glazed windows!’ Orla awed, rushing to the northern walls and lightly pressing her fingertips to the warm glass. ‘Do they not melt in the … More Chapter Ten: §2

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