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Chapter Eleven: §5

January 30 – 1027 YD Delus Palace, Miggest A quiet knock came to Vilsonius’ chamber door. Setting aside the worn scrolls at his desk, he walked heavily to the door. __‘Your Majesty.’ __‘Have I not woken you?’ Lady Galluel saw his desk-lamp was lit. ‘It is very late.’ __‘Yes,’ he agreed. __Silence.

Bump in the Road

Act II has begun, but planning and time constraints have marred the road. Please enjoy the small offering I have to give, and help me summon the focus to complete the chapter by month’s end. Next >

Chapter Eleven: §3

January 25 – 1027 YD Offenure, Lenyol Régan paced her chambers oscillating between straightening the items on her shelves, clawing her hair, flattening her blankets, and cursing at herself and the sky beyond the window glass.

Chapter Eleven: §2

January 24 – 1027 YD Delus, Miggest Sevína appeared in Delus Palace with Brennan in her arms. Vilsonius abandoned the table and attempted to heal Brennan with her, but broken organs are like shattered glass. He faded from the light within a bloody minute.