Chapter Two: §5

Spring – 1022 YD Tenenum Temple, Miggest The Duke of Edeen rewarded Sevína’s guidance with ample coin. She had relinquished her initial offence at offer of payment when news came that the drought was taking its first victims in the north. The gold she gave to Tenenum Temple, as protection for the adherents and children. … More Chapter Two: §5

Chapter Two: §4

Winter – 1022 YD Gesula, Lenyol Until winter, Kengar taught both girls the essentials of their trade. Mellena had less aptitude than Kesia, and less obeisance, and Kengar tended to teach them separately. Kesia eagerly learnt the history he taught her, while Mellena hungered for practical instruction, and he catered for both with the dedication … More Chapter Two: §4

Chapter Two: §3

Spring – 1021 YD Miggest Rumours of a foreign man acquiring friends in the northern aristocracy found their way to Sevína. Only esteemed nobility, wealth, or skill could quell the natural hostility Miggestians felt toward outsiders; her mistrust was piqued, and she began to seek him out. When word arrived that the man would be … More Chapter Two: §3

Chapter Two: §2

(Continued) Gesula Forest, Lenyol Kesia stood by Kengar at the edge of a large and perfect circle carved in the earth. In it stood a ring of large standing stones socked with moss, their diameter no less than thirty yards. Though Midsummer was past, the grass within the stones was thick and the earth moist. … More Chapter Two: §2

Chapter One: §6

Spring – 1021 YD Offenure, Lenyol Brennan gave a servant’s tour of the castle, showing them through the labyrinth of kitchens, service passages, larders and keeps. His only reprieve from duty were the hours in the early evening, during which the Princess dined with her family. His position was a taxing one, he told them, … More Chapter One: §6

Chapter One: §5

Summer – 1017 YD Gesula Temple, Lenyol The children took to their cushions and rested on their knees within the open space of the temple. Priest Caleb sat at the opening of the arch they formed, open hands placed in his lap, a pillar of wax before him.