Chapter One: §5

Summer – 1017 YD
Gesula Temple, Lenyol

The children took to their cushions and rested on their knees within the open space of the temple. Priest Caleb sat at the opening of the arch they formed, open hands placed in his lap, a pillar of wax before him.

Gesula Highlighted

‘We begin with the intake of breath.’
   The children inhaled, faces serious, taking the air of summer morning into their lungs.
   ‘We thank the Great Mother for the coming of day.’
   A note of music thread forth from each child, circling the gathering in a melody of thanks. A wisp of golden light made visible their sound.
   ‘We thank the Great Mother for the heat of the flame.’ The priest took up a pair of flint stones, and struck alight the candle.
   Another note, slightly lower, was given to the Temple by the children. The air which formed the music was tinged again with gold.
   ‘And in return we receive the love of Lenyol.’
   From the flame spun several threads of energy, each finding its mark on a child’s forehead, opening the channel of devotion.

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