Chapter Three: §3

Summer, 1014 YD Alendae Palace, Lenyol The coming-of-age ceremony at the temple had concluded, and Princess Régan prepared for her official presentation to the court at Alendae Palace. The guests, including the Custodin and Royal Consort, awaited her arrival in the Great Hall. Word was sent from her chambers as she made her way through … More Chapter Three: §3

Chapter Three: §2

(Continued) Offenure Castle, Lenyol ‘Régan!’ Custodin Màtac opened his arms to the closing doors and smiled. ‘I am pleased you could join us.’    The Princess stood stiffly by the entry to the Dining Hall. She pushed her lips into a smile and walked slowly to the dining table, mahogany gown draping behind. ‘Thank you … More Chapter Three: §2

Chapter Two: §6

October – 1022 YD Gesula, Lenyol The knocking on Tàvae’s door went unanswered. After several minutes of waiting, Kesia let herself in to a cold house. __The fireplace stood black and empty, blankets strewn across the rug before it. Two candles were draped over their holders, let to die unsupervised. Kesia frowned and examined the … More Chapter Two: §6