Chapter Six: §3

(Continued) Gesula, Lenyol Rain had swept over western Terra Draco during the past three years, providing relief to the drought. This spring was no different, and it was another wet morning when Kesia awoke dry-mouthed from her coming-of-age celebrations the previous evening. __Entering the kitchen, she found her balance thrown by the wine, and steadied … More Chapter Six: §3

Chapter Six: §2

(Continued) Gesula Temple, Lenyol ‘Congratulations, Kesia!’ Ànlisia held her daughter’s shoulders and kissed her forehead. ‘You did so very well. If only—’ she caught herself— ‘Oh, but you look beautiful.’ __ ‘She does indeed.’ Tàvae emerged from the crowd. __ Kesia blinked as her aunt and uncle appeared by her mother. Kengar had returned occasionally … More Chapter Six: §2

Chapter Five: §2

Winter – 1023 YD Delus, Miggest Two fires burnt on opposing walls of Delus Palace’s Great Hall, yet they barely took the edge from the deep chill of late winter. The Custodia stood before one of the fireplaces, her High Counsellor and High Commander by her side. Her face was grave indeed. __‘How many were … More Chapter Five: §2

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