Chapter Six: §7

Continued (September – 1026 YD) Gesula, Lenyol Fatigue eventually claimed Tàvae, and she was curled in a deep sleep when Kengar returned. Origins lay beside her on the night table. __He lifted the book and opened it; he admired the artistry of the borders, glad that the written form of Gaeilge was a mystery to … More Chapter Six: §7

Chapter Six: §6

(Continued) Gesula, Lenyol The sun set as Toran and Tàvae worked. They had made good progress transcribing the smuggled text, for though it appeared thick, its heavily decorated borders meant each page contained only a few hundred words.

Chapter Six: §5

September – 1026 YD Gesula, Lenyol A constellation of bows were released, hissing with propulsion, crossing one another to land on the target board with a riff of pummelling thuds. __‘Ha!’ Toran clenched his fist in victory; his arrow protruded from the target’s centre, its navy fletching clear from their hundred-foot distance.

Chapter Six: §4

(Continued) Gesula Forest, Lenyol The rear of Tàvae and Kengar’s house was a dozen yards from the edge of Gesula Forest, and here Tàvae awaited her niece on a dapple gray mare. Both Tapa, the horse, and Tàvae were examining the forest as Kesia approached silently on Shann.