Chapter Seven: §1 Meanwhile, North

September – 1023 YD
Delus, Miggest

Some months after the inauguration of the Duke of Trialle, Vilsonius accepted the Custodia’s invitation to the region’s capital.
__He was admitted to the Great Hall and found it empty of attendants. Custodia Galluel sat on a platform above the vast space, leaning against the side of her throne, ankles crossed, bemusement folded in the corner of her mouth. The throne was ornate, and yet simpler than its Iulithan counterpart—here, the throne was low-backed, shallow and narrow enough for comfort, lined inside with a black bear pelt. The throne of his homeland was high, large, and cold.

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Chapter Six: §7

Gesula, Lenyol

Fatigue eventually claimed Tàvae, and she was curled in a deep sleep when Kengar returned. Origins lay beside her on the night table.
__He lifted the book and opened it; he admired the artistry of the borders, glad that the written form of Gaeilge was a mystery to him. He had no desire to access its contents.

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