Chapter Seven: §3

1026 YD – August
Miggest : Lenyol

As in Pends, Vilsonius worked to revitalise the lands of Seaton. The town prospered under his care, and his name was spoken with great respect.
__And so when Custodia Galluel summoned Duke Vilsonius to the capital to appoint High Weaver, glasses were raised in his honour throughout the land.

Delus Highlighted

And so when Custodia Galluel summoned Duke Vilsonius to the capital to appoint him High Weaver, glasses were raised in his honour throughout the land.
__That his wife was precluded from the inauguration ceremony was perhaps a little strange, Sevína observed; Galluel returned that concerns over the Duchess’ condition had been raised. A word with Vilsonius assured Sevína that Clarissa’s symptoms were not only unrelenting, but fantastical. She could not refrain from laughing when he confessed his relief that she had remained in Seaton.
__Sevína soon forgot the matter, distracted by High Priest Arnaud’s deteriorating health and the suggestion that she was Arnaud’s most suitable successor—if only she would return to the clergy. Galluel’s words echoed throughout the inauguration ceremony, which she now watched with bemusement—Vilsonius’ demonstration of ‘skill’, a show of light and movement, was mere play. She felt her fingers twitch with a desire to participate in the entertainment. The Custodia’s expression of deep captivation restrained her, however; she decided to slip away from the Great Hall, entirely unnoticed.


Offenure Highlighted

‘Good evening, Brennan.’
__The man pushed himself away from the turret, moving tired eyes from the moonlit landscape to the silvered woman behind.
__‘My dear Sevína.’ He took in the woman’s embrace, kissing her forehead with a playful roughness. ‘Such fine weather for a rooftop meeting, is it not?’
__‘Yes, my friend, fine.’ She patted his cheek affectionately and moved to lean against the edge, looking toward the sea. ‘You do not look well.’
__‘Nor do I feel well.’
__ ‘What ails you?’
__‘The most ancient of ailments, I am afraid.’
__‘How goes the source of this unwellness?’
__‘Her health fares fine as always, but she is consumed by matters of the throne.’
__‘Oh?’ Her hearing sharpened.
__Brennan waved a hand. ‘Her paranoia knows no bounds. Earlier, she demanded to read my personal letters; I will be unable to write to you for some time.’
__‘Perhaps she is jealous?’ offered Sevína.
__‘Perhaps.’ He paused, remembering Régan’s expression. ‘She is fearsome when so enraged.’
__They fell into silence, appreciating the view over Lirna and each other’s rare company.
__ ‘How fares your sister?’ asked Sevína eventually, realising she had forgotten the girl’s name.
__‘Good!’ cried Brennan, spirits raised at her mention. ‘It has been years since seeing her in the flesh, but I am in frequent correspondence with her—she is a shepherd now, and will be tutored again in weaving soon.’
__‘I would so like to have met her.’ Sevína said with a smile. ‘She was born too late for me to have known her in Ona. Oh, and speaking of—I brought you the book,’ Sevína told him. ‘Though you might be wise—’
__‘Please! Yes, it is a risk—but please, I have craved terribly…’
__She pained for his hunger, and passed him the Charge of Darkness. ‘I had it rebound with a dull cover, but its contents will be immediately apparent. Keep it far from sight.’
__He took it from her and read its opening passage in the light of the moon, enraptured.


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