Chapter Nine: §4

Spring – 1024 YD West of Waylin, Lenyol The sheep rotated in their pens like woollen whirlpools. Their bleating was echoed by the bellowing of cattle from their yards. __Custodin Màtac surveyed the movement around him, of carriages riding in, shepherds and drovers guiding their stock, dozens of servants tending the tents, and a subdued rainbow … More Chapter Nine: §4

Chapter Nine: §3

December – 1026 YD Delus, Miggest Delus Palace contained a wing exclusively for Beran members. It was here that Vilsonius had resided for the past few weeks, sharing a corridor and Solar with the respectable High Commander Mahon. Within days of writhing under Galluel’s hungry gaze, he found himself locking his chambers at night and … More Chapter Nine: §3

Chapter Eight Download

Chapter Eight is complete, and available for download in large (SmartPhone) and small (Desktop) text (PDF). Terra Draco Ch 8 Large Text Terra Draco Ch 8 Small Text Other chapters can be downloaded from the Chapter Download page. Enjoy!   Now back to the story — Chapter Nine begins.

Chapter Nine: §2

December – 1026 YD Delamore, Lenyol Régan entered the Great Hall of Delamore Castle, greeted by Duke Giodah and his retinue. __She was seated at the head of the table, and a meal was produced by servants. She reported a pleasant journey from Offenure, which she had visited briefly, and remarked on the cooler climate of … More Chapter Nine: §2