Chapter Ten: §2

Alendae, Lenyol January – 1027 YD Kesia’s rooms in Alendae were bright with the midday sun, and quickly filled with guests and their belongings. __‘Glazed windows!’ Orla awed, rushing to the northern walls and pressing her fingertips to the warm glass. ‘Do they not melt in the sun?’ Advertisements

Chapter Nine Download

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Chapter Nine: §7

January, 1027 YD Lirna, Lenyol Brennan was folded by his window, fixed on the Charge of Darkness. A subterranean restlessness had risen in him since receiving it; this was his fifth reading. Régan’s recognisable footfalls—quick, rhythmic, determined—echoed along the corridor. He slipped the text beneath his cushion.

Chapter Nine: §6

January – 1027 YD Gesula, Lenyol Ànlisia woke in the dark of night to the familiar scrape of her front door grinding against stone. She drew a flame to light her candle and made toward the front of the house, certain Tàvae had returned. __Candlelight could be seen through cracks in the kitchen door. Ànlisia … More Chapter Nine: §6