Chapter Eleven: §4

January 26 – 1027 YD
Gesula, Lenyol

Mellena woke to the terrible sound of Mitchas’ heart breaking.
__‘Dada?’ she spoke feebly, her fingernails denting the soft pine of Kengar’s front door.
__Mitchas sobbed at her voice, pressing his palms to his eyes.
__Mellena sank to his side. ‘No, no.’ She held her father fast by the shoulder. ‘It can’t be. It’s alright?’

__Yet surely their lives had been cast adrift, for Kengar had brought the devastating news of Brennan’s murder from the capital. Daldria remained lost on her now futile mission; Kengar had presently fled in search of her, at Mitchas’ bidding—’Find her, but express only danger, for she will fight any messenger but myself for Brennan’s fate—!’

Father and daughter held each other fast that fateful morning.


The days rose and fell.
__In the heart of the capital, a foreign woman marched across Offenure Plás and entrenched herself at the castle gates, seeming to sink further into the sandstone with each repetition of the phrase, ‘I have come for my son.’
__Some guards had shown her to the First Hall where she identified herself as Brennan’s mother. The Castle Host himself was summoned, who—mortified—explained that Brennan was incarcerated and subsequently unavailable. Reading his pallor as an awful omen, Daldria commanded: ‘You tell her Highness she needs to come down here and look me in the eye. I will wait.’
__Daldria waited until word passed through a maze of channels, somehow finding itself landing in the ear of High Duke Nóe’s Deputy. Nóe was quickly informed, and cleared the path to his niece’s chambers.
__‘What would you have me tell her?’
__Régan’s remorse had shrivelled during the passing days. Through the glass panels of her bolted door, the Princess spoke: ‘Tell her she mothered a traitor. Arrange to have her and her family exterminated.’
__Nóe repeated the order to his Deputy. The faithful warriors of Alendae received their assignment; and escorting Daldria to the dungeons with the implied promise of seeing her son, slew her with merciful efficiency, and set out to do the same of the relatives remaining in Gesula.

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