Chapter Eleven: §6

A car accident, quarter-life crisis, and severed tendon later–and we’re back in action. My apologies for the delay.

January 31 — 1027 YD
Offenure, Lenyol

‘You have been summoned to answer for your crimes.’
__Régan folded her hands before her. ‘I hear no complaint from the victim?’
__Matac’s face twitched. ‘That is disgusting.’
__‘He may yet live for all we know.’

Offenure Highlighted
‘Let us assume from the arrow plugged in his chest that he has passed, and that you are accountable for that, shall we?’
__Régan narrowed her brow, eyes fixed on the rugs.
__‘Your tempestuous nature has no place in politics. Will you strike down any who break your trust? All opponents of your opinion? Taxpayers who fail to pay? You have no restraint and act solely in your own interests. If you are to inherit my title, you will learn discipline and humility.’
__‘“If I am to inherit your title”,’ Régan echoed with disdain.
__‘My cousin’s son Seoras is next in line.’
__And at last Régan felt armourless.
__‘You will serve five months at Delamore Prison. You will personally compose an apology for both Brennan’s family and Custodia Galluel. And you will return deferential, full of respect for the institution you may one day captain.’
__Régan met her father’s eye. Her chest expanded and contracted quickly.
__‘Or you will be disinherited.’
__Régan let her hands fall by her side. ‘I understand that my actions undermined the judgement you made on the matter of a foreigner’s treason.’
__High Counsellor Maik erupted: ‘You understand that you took the life of a breathing person, do you not? One not yours to take? One we all know you valued quite highly until very recently?’
__All save Alsandul scrutinised her reaction.
__Régan cursed the corner of her mouth for its spasm, taking a moment to respond with poise. ‘I understand my sentence has been passed, Lord Maik, by the single person fit to pass it.’
__Enjoy your time in the sun, old friend. Who knows how long he bides.


Sevína found Vilsonius in the solar the following morning. His posture was answer to the question she came to ask.
__‘Most men would be buoyant,’ she remarked.
__Vilsonius glowered.
__‘So you know the fate that many noblewomen—women,’ she corrected herself, ‘have endured; it is right to rage.’
__He made to place his feet on the footrest but instead upturned it sharply with his heel.
__Sevína paced over and righted the little stool. ”Màtac is heartless, and his daughter after him. The adherents are angered.’ Her own voice revealed black hatred. ‘Go to war.’
__‘Yes,’ he growled. ‘The fires scorch us; Miggest tires of peace.’
Both were drawn into their own thoughts for a time.
__Sevína’s mind turned to Vilsonius’ search for the Interpreter, and she asked after it; but Vilsonius had made little progress in his quest, gaining only vague information in his visit to Yardford. There were other leads, though he would be unable to follow them without her help—Galluel kept a watchful eye on his movements. And true to his words the Custodia’s distinctive stride could be heard approaching.
__Sevína promised to assist him, then swiftly departed in the opposite direction.

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