A land of dragons lies on a higher Plane; a land divided by seven for each of the remaining races of dragons. A young woman named Kesia is destined to inherit her father’s title in an age where danger lurks just beyond her region’s borders.

Terra Draco is a story of delusion, and of discerning the music of one’s calling from the Siren Song.

This fantasy narrative will be released in weekly increments. PDFs of chapters will become available as they are completed.


F. T. Hall-Bowden resides in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia. She is a teacher by trade, a mother by occupation, and a writer in between. This particular tale has grown for over fifteen years, taking many forms and turns.

Now, at twenty-eight, having left the murk of the city behind to raise her children in the country, the fresh air and natural environment have animated her motivation to see the project through.


Readers are welcome to give feedback and alert the author to spelling and typographical errors, of which there will no doubt be several. Logical errors will be corrected as they are noticed, and a note will be made in new posts if any adjustments are made to story elements. This is essentially the polished draft of a book and I thank you in advance for forgiving its imperfections.