Chapter Eight: §6

Continued (December – 1026 YD) Hills north of Gesula The flock ambled along the droveway, Mellena and Oran following steadily. __It was late afternoon. They were discussing Mellena’s unfinished apprenticeship while making their way to the night yards. Oran encouraged her to take up again with Kengar. A pair of Molossus hounds walked before them, … More Chapter Eight: §6

Chapter Eight: §5

Continued (December – 1026 YD) Gesula, Lenyol Mitchas cantered into town, gliding past the workshop. Kesia had heard the hooves and moved to the window; on seeing him ride uphill toward Kengar’s, she dropped her chisel and raced along in his wake. __She found her uncle’s door open, and overheard their exchange. __‘What do you … More Chapter Eight: §5

Chapter Eight: §3

Continued (December – 1026 YD) Gesula, Lenyol Kesia and Mellena worked with Kengar for days on end, impressing him with what they had learnt and practised over the years. It was not long, however, before their rediscovered zest for weaving was overshadowed by their commitments. Kesia had orders to complete for her Alendic clients; Mellena … More Chapter Eight: §3

Chapter Eight: §2

Kengar returned at last. Seeking his wife, he came to Kesia’s house. Kesia listened as Ànlisia explained feebly that Tàvae had departed the previous day with Mitchas, perhaps to Offenure—or Alendae, it was so rushed—on some unknown yet urgent business. Yes, they had used Mitchas’ horses. No, they had not given a return date. Yes, … More Chapter Eight: §2