Chapter Four: §6

(Continued) Lirna, Lenyol The Princess passed the morning expelling her grievances. In airing and examining them, she pacified herself; and when the fanfare announcing the Duke of Lirna’s return burst through her window, she returned calmly to the Dining Hall. The Duchess swept her out onto the eastern balcony. Advertisements

Chapter Four: §5

(Continued) Lirna, Lenyol Along their journey north, Régan had dictated a dozen letters summoning her closest allies in the Court. Her assistant, Brennan, had been instructed to polish and dispatch them. Upon receiving her father’s message she went directly to the servant’s quarters and ordered a maid to retrieve Brennan. __He appeared within moments. ‘Come,’ … More Chapter Four: §5

Chapter Four: §4

December, 1022 YD Lirna, Lenyol Princess Régan arrived at Lirna Palace in the evening, four days after departing the capital. The journey had been hot and rough, and she was relieved to be received by the Duchess in the outer gardens. The Princess alighted the carriage; the Duchess, Lady Ione, took the Princess’ arm and … More Chapter Four: §4

Chapter Four: §3

(Continued) Gesula, Lenyol January drew to a close, and Kesia’s fifteenth birthday passed. Toran arrived one evening with a confusing account of the day’s events. __The main text Toran laboured over was one of history—a dense volume written in an academic form of Gaeilge, made more difficult to decipher by its calligraphic script. It was, … More Chapter Four: §3

Chapter Four: §2

December – 1022 YD Gesula, Lenyol Kengar had returned to Gesula only for the summer months. He had made arrangements with her new tutor so that for the duration of his stay she could resume her training in weaving. Thus she was free to spend long days with her uncle among the stones, retiring ravenous, … More Chapter Four: §2