Chapter Nine: §7

January, 1027 YD Lirna, Lenyol Brennan was folded by his window, fixed on the Charge of Darkness. A subterranean restlessness had risen in him since receiving it; this was his fifth reading. Régan’s recognisable footfalls—quick, rhythmic, determined—echoed along the corridor. He slipped the text beneath his cushion. Advertisements

Chapter Nine: §6

January – 1027 YD Gesula, Lenyol Ànlisia woke in the dark of night to the familiar scrape of her front door grinding against stone. She drew a flame to light her candle and made toward the front of the house, certain Tàvae had returned. __Candlelight could be seen through cracks in the kitchen door. Ànlisia … More Chapter Nine: §6

Chapter Nine: §5

January – 1027 YD The Crossroads, Lenyol The new year came, as it always did, with the beginning of January. The heat had barely abated since the October fires and the soil was beginning to cake. __It was over such cracked earth that Kesia alternated driving her cart with Mellena and Toran. They had departed … More Chapter Nine: §5

Chapter Nine: §4

Spring – 1024 YD West of Waylin, Lenyol The sheep rotated in their pens like woollen whirlpools. Their bleating was echoed by the bellowing of cattle from their yards. __Custodin Màtac surveyed the movement around him, of carriages riding in, shepherds and drovers guiding their stock, dozens of servants tending the tents, and a subdued rainbow … More Chapter Nine: §4

Chapter Nine: §3

December – 1026 YD Delus, Miggest Delus Palace contained a wing exclusively for Beran members. It was here that Vilsonius had resided for the past few weeks, sharing a corridor and Solar with the respectable High Commander Mahon. Within days of writhing under Galluel’s hungry gaze, he found himself locking his chambers at night and … More Chapter Nine: §3

Chapter Nine: §2

December – 1026 YD Delamore, Lenyol Régan entered the Great Hall of Delamore Castle, greeted by Duke Giodah and his retinue. __She was seated at the head of the table, and a meal was produced by servants. She reported a pleasant journey from Offenure, which she had visited briefly, and remarked on the cooler climate of … More Chapter Nine: §2