Chapter One: §6

Spring – 1021 YD Offenure, Lenyol Brennan gave a servant’s tour of the castle, showing them through the labyrinth of kitchens, service passages, larders and keeps. His only reprieve from duty were the hours in the early evening, during which the Princess dined with her family. His position was a taxing one, he told them, … More Chapter One: §6

Chapter One: §5

Summer – 1017 YD Gesula Temple, Lenyol The children took to their cushions and rested on their knees within the open space of the temple. Priest Caleb sat at the opening of the arch they formed, open hands placed in his lap, a pillar of wax before him.

Chapter One: §4

(Continued) Offenure, Lenyol   The city was a wonder to Kesia. Along the route to their inn she absorbed the scope of city life, with all its noise and haste and sensory onslaught.    Castleknock was an impressive place. Three levels in height with gilded windows—each fitted with stained glass—its interior and furnishings had the … More Chapter One: §4

Chapter One: §3

Spring – 1021 YD Gesula, Lenyol Kesia knew not what to make of Otàmil’s death. Even when at home—rare since Eamon died—he was generally absent. She meditated on the numbness in her heart, seeking some nature of response, but could find only compassion for her mother. In her mother’s skin lived a woman who, seldom … More Chapter One: §3

Chapter One: §2

Winter – 1012 YD Gesula, Lenyol The village of Gesula was speckled with lantern lights guiding the way through the fog.    In the central street stood a large and popular house.    ‘Bed time, everyone!’    The house vibrated with excited feet; the children charged into the bedroom with shrieks of delight. All five … More Chapter One: §2