Chapter Seven: §4

Miggest 1026 YD – October Summer came early that year. October caved under a wave of heat which dried the land and ignited anxiety in its stewards. Oceans of crops and grassland folded back toward the earth, until the landscape was yellow once more; and then began the fires, few and small at the outset, … More Chapter Seven: §4

Chapter Seven: §3

1026 YD – August Miggest : Lenyol As in Pends, Vilsonius worked to revitalise the lands of Seaton. The town prospered under his care, and his name was spoken with great respect. __And so when Custodia Galluel summoned Duke Vilsonius to the capital to appoint High Weaver, glasses were raised in his honour throughout the … More Chapter Seven: §3

Chapter Seven: §2

March – 1025 YD Seaton, Miggest The restoration of Pends would become legend, and the man who inspired trees to mature in a season, revived withered herds and flocks, and taught broken soil to hold water won himself the heart of the region. __As the noblewomen turned their eye toward Vilsonius, Galluel guided him toward … More Chapter Seven: §2