Chapter Ten: §7

January 21, 1027 YD Northern Lenyol Coils of wind broke from the centre of Alendae Palace’s Great Hall, and a pale purple haze swelled in its centre. There Kengar appeared. __‘The Duke summoned me with regards my niece,’ he stated to one of the guards. __The guard stammered some response and exited, leaving his colleagues … More Chapter Ten: §7

Chapter Ten: §6

January 21-22, 1027 YD Offenure, Lenyol Régan was escorted on foot from the docks through a maze of alleys, tunnels, and corridors. Carriages and horses were in short supply, for the Custodin was dispatching his resources north to evacuate the people and granary stores ahead of the blaze. The vicious wind had carried the smoke … More Chapter Ten: §6

Chapter Ten: §5

January 20 – 1027 YD Alendae, Offenure Alendae was an interesting and picturesque city hugging the river Noira, with countless activities to offer four inquisitive visitors. Kesia withdrew into her work, delivering her commissions and procuring new materials; Mellena frequented plays and the markets; and Toran gave tours of the libraries and temples to Orla.

Chapter Ten: §4

January – 1027 YD Delus, Offenure It was four in the morning. Sevína roused the chamber fire to allay the chill of death. __‘I fear this drought will not die easily.’ High Priest Arnaud cupped Sevína’s hand as she offered it. ‘Do not mourn me, my dear. I rejoice at crossing the Bridge, and long … More Chapter Ten: §4

Chapter Ten: §3

January – 1027 YD Lirna, Lenyol January began to wane, and the heat of summer continued unrelenting. There had been no fires since those of Archoak forest three months previous, yet the threat crouched in the air, prowling each time the wind flew from the north. Régan dismantled a slice of bread while watching the … More Chapter Ten: §3

Chapter Ten: §2

Alendae, Lenyol January – 1027 YD Kesia’s rooms in Alendae were bright with the midday sun, and quickly filled with guests and their belongings. __‘Glazed windows!’ Orla awed, rushing to the northern walls and pressing her fingertips to the warm glass. ‘Do they not melt in the sun?’