I’ve been saving these to make such notices few and far between.

A number of minor corrections have been made throughout the text so far. The relevant posts and all PDFs have been updated to versions 2.0–available now from the download page.

A few naming errors have occurred, and the religious texts have been re-Christened:

  • The Custodin of Lenyol / Régan’s father: Màtac (not Marcas, as occasionally written)
  • Shepherding Trademaster / Toran’s brother / Mellena’s lover: Oran (not Joll)
  • Gold Book (Sacred text of Lenyol): now the Song of Light
  • Black Book (Sacred text of Miggest): now the Charge of Darkness

The maps finally have a scale bar! (This was deceptively complex, with a lot riding on distances–pun intended). Alterations have also been made to the map around Gesula. After finalising the scale I realised its temple and village were too far apart.

If you notice spelling or typographical errors throughout your reading, you are welcome to point them out in the comments. Thank you for your patience! Drop in tomorrow for the latest segment.