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Chapter Eight: §6

Continued (December – 1026 YD) Hills north of Gesula The flock ambled along the droveway, Mellena and Oran following steadily. __It was late afternoon. They were discussing Mellena’s unfinished apprenticeship while making their way to the night yards. Oran encouraged her to take up again with Kengar. A pair of Molossus hounds walked before them, … More Chapter Eight: §6

Chapter Eight: §4

Continued (December – 1026 YD) Gesula Forest, Lenyol A blue fairy-wren skipped the length of a fallen tree, perching on the peak of its unearthed roots. He chirped and sung, twitching and spinning on his twig-like legs. Kesia whistled; he replied, then flitted off to impress others in the forest. __In his wake, the song … More Chapter Eight: §4