The People of Terra Draco

The ruling monarch of a region is known as the Custodian of the Throne (male: Custodin, female: Custodia).
Place names in brackets denote character’s town or city of origin.


  • Ànlisia: Kesia’s mother; village herbalist and midwife. (Riverton, Lenyol)
  • Brennan: Mellena’s brother; tailor by trade, assistant to Princess Régan. (Ona, Miggest)
  • Bridget: Royal Consort, wife to Custodian Marcas, and mother to Princess Régan. (Alendae, Lenyol)
  • Caleb: Priest of Gesula Temple; scribe. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Carrick: Duke of Dara, brother to Duchess Ione of Lirna. (Dara, Lenyol)
  • Custodia Galluel: Custodian of the Throne in Miggest. (Delus, Miggest)
  • Custodin Algus: Custodian of the Throne in Iulitha. (Athere, Iulitha)
  • Custodin Marcas: Custodian of the Throne in Lenyol. (Offenure, Lenyol)
  • Daldria: Mellena’s mother; goat-herder. (Ona, Miggest)
  • Eamon: Kesia’s older brother; deceased. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Ione: Duchess of Lirna, close friend and archery tutor to Régan, wife of Molan. (Dara, Lenyol)
  • Kengar: Kesia’s uncle; Otàmil’s brother and Tàvae’s husband; weaver. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Kesia: Protagonist; daughter of Otàmil and Ànlisia; apprentice weaver and carpenter. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Lasair: Kesia’s neighbour; Toran’s twin sister, and Ànlisia’s apprentice; apprentice herbalist. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Lonan: Carpenter trademaster whom Kesia is apprenticed to. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Mellena: Kesia’s childhood friend and neighbour; apprentice weaver and shepherd. (Ona, Miggest)
  • Molan: Duke of Lirna, close friend to Régan. (Lirna, Lenyol)
  • Mitchas: Mellena’s father; horsemaster. (Ona, Miggest)
  • Oran: Shepherd trademaster; Lasair & Toran’s brother. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Otàmil: Kesia’s father; renowned weaver; deceased. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Princess Régan: Princess of Offenure, daughter to Royal Consort Bridget and Custodin Marcas. (Offenure, Lenyol)
  • Sevína: Miggestian weaver and priestess; Vilsonius’ guide. (Ona, Miggest)
  • Tàvae: Kesia’s aunt and Kengar’s wife; scribe. (Alendae, Lenyol)
  • Toran: Kesia’s neighbour; Lasair’s twin brother, and Tàvae’s apprentice; apprentice scribe. (Gesula, Lenyol)
  • Vilsonius: Antagonist; weaver and exiled Duke of Edeen. (Edeen, Iulitha)