Chapter Nine: §5

January – 1027 YD
The Crossroads, Lenyol

The new year came, as it always did, with the beginning of January. The heat had barely abated since the October fires and the soil was beginning to cake.
__It was over such cracked earth that Kesia alternated driving her cart with Mellena and Toran. They had departed Gesula as the light had come, and it was now midday. The Crossroads could be seen as they passed over the final highland crest, and they immediately noticed a plethora of colourful tents flanking the village.

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Chapter Nine: §4

Spring – 1024 YD
West of Waylin, Lenyol

The sheep rotated in their pens like woollen whirlpools. Their bleating was echoed by the bellowing of cattle from their yards.
__Custodin Màtac surveyed the movement around him, of carriages riding in, shepherds and drovers guiding their stock, dozens of servants tending the tents, and a subdued rainbow of personages tarrying this way and that.
__‘My Lord,’ the Countess of Riverton quietly murmured, touching Màtac’s arm and nodding toward the north-east. The Custodin turned to follow her gaze, the Baron of Waylin oscillating with him.

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Chapter Nine: §3

December – 1026 YD
Delus, Miggest

Delus Palace contained a wing exclusively for Beran members. It was here that Vilsonius had resided for the past few weeks, sharing a corridor and Solar with the respectable High Commander Mahon. Within days of writhing under Galluel’s hungry gaze, he found himself locking his chambers at night and checking the room for secret servant entrances—of which there were thankfully none.

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Chapter Nine: §1 Allies

May – 1004 YD
Offenure, Lenyol

A young Princess Régan pulled open her door and poked a head into the hallway. Clear!
__She slipped through the crack, careful not to open it past the creaking point, and leapt forward on the balls of her feet, silent as a cat.
__Lanterns lit the way and she soon reached her parents’ chamber. A small servant door was concealed nearby, which she entered, feeling along the dark passage and coming through a tapestry into the chamber itself.

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Chapter Eight: §6

Hills north of Gesula

The flock ambled along the droveway, Mellena and Oran following steadily.
__It was late afternoon. They were discussing Mellena’s unfinished apprenticeship while making their way to the night yards. Oran encouraged her to take up again with Kengar. A pair of Molossus hounds walked before them, occasionally trotting forward to rouse a reaction from the sheep.
__‘But what of you?’

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Chapter Eight: §5

Continued (December – 1026 YD)
Gesula, Lenyol

Mitchas cantered into town, gliding past the workshop. Kesia had heard the hooves and moved to the window; on seeing him ride uphill toward Kengar’s, she dropped her chisel and raced along in his wake.
__She found her uncle’s door open, and overheard their exchange.
__‘What do you mean, gone?’
__‘We were travelling to Miggest, and set up camp south of Bescon—’
__‘By Archoak Forest?’
__‘What remains; it burnt in October. Tàvae asked to continue on, but the sun was falling and the horses spent. When I woke in the morning she was gone.’

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I’ve been saving these to make such notices few and far between.

A number of minor corrections have been made throughout the text so far. The relevant posts and all PDFs have been updated to versions 2.0–available now from the download page.

A few naming errors have occurred, and the religious texts have been re-Christened:

  • The Custodin of Lenyol / Régan’s father: Màtac (not Marcas, as occasionally written)
  • Shepherding Trademaster / Toran’s brother / Mellena’s lover: Oran (not Joll)
  • Gold Book (Sacred text of Lenyol): now the Song of Light
  • Black Book (Sacred text of Miggest): now the Charge of Darkness

The maps finally have a scale bar! (This was deceptively complex, with a lot riding on distances–pun intended). Alterations have also been made to the map around Gesula. After finalising the scale I realised its temple and village were too far apart.

If you notice spelling or typographical errors throughout your reading, you are welcome to point them out in the comments. Thank you for your patience! Drop in tomorrow for the latest segment.



Chapter Eight: §4

Continued (December – 1026 YD)
Gesula Forest, Lenyol

A blue fairy-wren skipped the length of a fallen tree, perching on the peak of its unearthed roots. He chirped and sung, twitching and spinning on his twig-like legs. Kesia whistled; he replied, then flitted off to impress others in the forest.
__In his wake, the song of the forest rose. She listened quietly.
__A flock of parrots passed over the canopy, twittering merrily, forcing her eyes open; the sun had reached the treetops, illuminating the white branches of the ghost-trees and basking the forest in the golden light of daybreak. Kesia shivered.

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