Chapter Eleven: §2

January 24 – 1027 YD
Delus, Miggest

Sevína appeared in Delus Palace bearing Brennan’s weight. Vilsonius abandoned the table and attempted to heal Brennan with her, but broken organs are like shattered glass. He faded from the light within a bloody minute.

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Chapter Ten: §4

January – 1027 YD
Delus, Offenure

It was four in the morning. Sevína roused the chamber fire to allay the chill of death.
__‘I fear this drought will not die easily.’ High Priest Arnaud cupped Sevína’s hand as she offered it. ‘Do not mourn me, my dear. I rejoice at crossing the Bridge, and long for my sojourn in the Otherworld.’ He averted his gaze from her anguish. ‘As I dreamt tonight, Miggest came to me. I placed my forehead to the earth before Him and He lowered His great head, touched His muzzle to my cheek, and spoke: Agat sheirbheáil liom go maith.’ You have served me well.

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