Timeline of Key Events
Updated as the story unfolds

  • 0 YD   The coming of the Dragon Monarchs
  • 93 YD   Terra Draco is divided into seven regions
  • 845-857 YD   The Sunset War
  • 982 YD   Vilsonius is born
  • 1002 YD   Failed coup against Custodin Talrin in Iulitha
  • 1008 YD   Kesia is born
  • 1011 YD    Mellena’s family move to Lenyol
  • 1021 YD   Kesia travels to Offenure with Mellena
    • Vilsonius travels to Tenenum Temple
  • 1022 YD   June. Kengar leaves Gesula; Mellena and Kesia begin new apprenticeships (shepherd and carpenter, respectively)
    • Spring brings little rain
    • September. Vilsonius converts to the Black Dragon faith
    • December. Kengar and Tàvae return; Régan departs Offenure for Lirna.
  • 1023 YD   August. Warriors are dispatched in Miggest to guard the granaries after a fatal skirmish in Yardford
    • September. Rain comes to Miggest. Custodia Galluel sends Vilsonius to Pends
  • 1024 YD   September. Rains come again. Màtac and Galluel carry out trade. Vilsonius is introduced to Lady Clarissa, Duchess of Seaton
  • 1025 YD   March. Vilsonius and Clarissa marry
  • 1026 YD   Summer. Kesia’s carved altars become popular in Alendae
    • August. Kesia, Mellena, Toran, and Lasair come of age. Tàvae and Kengar return to attend the ceremony, giving Kesia a mare and carriage.
    • September. Less rain this spring. Vilsonius is appointed High Weaver in Miggest. Tàvae and Toran work to transcribe an ancient text.
    • October. Weather turns, heating up. Fires break out in Miggest, destroying much of Archoak Forest. Clarissa is poisoned
    • December. Tàvae travels to Miggest with Mitchas; he returns alone, having lost her. Kengar returns to Gesula to resume Kesia and Mellena’s apprenticeship. Vilsonius is summoned to Delus and appointed High Counsellor. Régan visits the Duke of Delamore and hears of the Iulithan Custodin’s butchery. Tàvae’s library is ransacked